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The stories and novels included on this website are entirely fictional. Occasional mingling of historical figures with fabricated characters is not meant to imply any factual aspect to those particular plots. For those stories inspired by works of other authors (and duly noted on same), no copyright infringement is intended. No monetary profit is made from this site (the advertisements are posted by www.freeservers.com, not the website owner).

The Adventures of Sheila Holmes

Edith Hudson-Thorne takes possession of her great-great-grandmother's property at 221 Baker Street, and offers the upstairs flat to let. The tenant who signs the lease brings a decided excitement into the widowed landlady's life in these collections. (Originally created in the early 1970's.)


The Mustang Chronicles - A Series

When teenaged Mustang Duryea is sent from her parentsí Montana horse ranch to live with her grandmother in Massachusetts, a series of unusual events begins...

NOTE: The Mustang Chronicles are fictional tales, incorporating genuine historic sites and selected historic figures into the imagined plots. While all attempts have been made to recreate the real sites and people accurately, literary license has been invoked to bend the truth to serve the story.


Twisted Early Stories

Twisted 21st Century Stories

A New Decade Summer, 2010 Autumn, 2010 Late Autumn, 2010 2011 - 2013 Odds and Ends More Odds and Ends



The Fisherman's Mandate - A Novel

In this sequel to Morris L. West's The Shoes of the Fisherman, a second Kiril attempts to follow in the footsteps of his mentor and friend, Kiril Lakota, thirty years after the Russian Pope's death. He finds it is not easy to reform a Church set in its ways...

Reader's Comments:
"The rapidity with which I finished it once started is a good indication of how it retained my interest..." - E.K. - Rome, Italy.

The Fisherman's Shadow - A Novel

Eight years after The Fishermanís Mandate, Pope Kirilís aide and confidant, Harshil Patel, finds himself drafted by Kirilís great-nephew, Jim Damien, now an Interpol agent. The two travel to Chicago to save relatives from human trafficking, only to discover a complex criminal enterprise headed by an unlikely boss.

Reader's Comments:
"Your most complex so far. Certainly held my interest." - E.K. - Rome, Italy.

The Fisherman's Legacy - A Novel

Two years after The Fisherman's Shadow, Harshil Patel returns to Rome at the behest of Mumbai's archbishop. The true reason for the journey quickly becomes clear, to the Franciscan's disappointment. A bittersweet reunion with members of the Damien clan escalates the danger and turmoil to a scandalous conclusion.

The Regis Dilemma - A Novel based on the Star Wars Saga

Originally written in 1980, this tale takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Marca Regis hails from an isolated planet which has never heard of the Empire, or the technology so highly prized by the Rebels. She must learn to "blend in", or risk death. A pacifist, her hardest lesson is understanding why the Alliance and the Imperial forces are at war... (Permission not granted for use of the characters by the great George Lucas - apologies if offense is given, no copyright infringement intended.)

Straits of Destiny - A Novel

In 2029, when one expert hacker turns technology-enslaved society upside down, chaos erupts. The survivors flee to remote settlements, trying to rebuild civilization from scratch. Sandi Rochester finds herself among the good people who have taken refuge on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan. Even there, though, they are not safe from the terror of raiding militias, pirates and illness.

A Servant of Integrity - A Novel

In the late 16th century, the Baron de Packe dies, leaving his wife and six-year-old daughter facing huge gambling debts. Selling almost every possession, the pair travel from France to England with their one remaining servant, Emilie de Montfort. Ten years later, the Baroness has died, and the two girls return to their native land, to find themselves caught up in power struggles, wars, and the machinations of Cardinal Richelieu.

Plan of Distraction - A Novel

Angela Carnegie publishes the magazine Horizons for Justice because she believes fighting crime in Chicago needs to be a top priority. When she crosses one particular mobster, though, a contract is issued for her death, and the consequences are serious.

From Fear Unleashed - A Novel

As a priest, Spencer Moore faces a variety of daily challenges, but he's also intent on helping the youth of his Chicago neighborhood break free of the gangs roaming the streets. In the process, he learns about faith, people and church politics...

The Magic Within the Music - A Novel

Gina Pickering is a pianist and composer, laboring in an office to make ends meet. A guitarist scratching out a living writing jingles, Mitch Barrett has dark secrets. When the two cross paths, they have a chance to create beautiful music, or be destroyed by those who would rather see them both dead.


Other Interesting Reads

Essentials of Jedi Spirituality


The late Eugenia Lucas (1961-2015) spent over 40 years writing novels, short stories, and plays, in addition to working as a journalist and in a variety of professional capacities. Living most of her life in South Bend, Indiana, she traveled extensively, finding inspiration in everyday people and events, classic authors, and eccentric actors from the past and present.

Her deliberately off-beat plots reflected a world most people prefer not to acknowledge, ignoring what publishers considered "commercial". Environmentally conscious, she originally posted her works on the Internet, free of charge, where they will remain available.

Inquiries regarding Eugenia can be made via e-mail.


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